Seeding for Grand Final
  • 1-16 get byes to the third round.
  • 17-32 get byes to second round
  • 33-64 start at first round
  • Draw seeded so that players ranked 1st & 2nd cannot meet until the final!

Tour Current Ranking (up to and including Event 5)

Att Matches Frames Bonus Total
Pos Name Pts P W F A Diff Points Points
1Andrew BREEN8191612660663256
2Dean WISHER815129744532444
3Giuseppe D'IMPERIO813108239431937
4Jack POPLE6118605461529
5Paul McHALE8117605281227
6Tom KENNEDY6975632241225
7Joshua PATEL81065642141125
8Jack SMITHERS81065946131024
9Richard CHAPMAN895463016821
10Metin TOMRIS895543816720
11Lee NELSON674432617818
12Martin LAMBERT88445396618
13Michael BONNEY67434340616
14Darren BAKER663281513615
15Robert McGOWAN8733637-1314
16Jon BAXTER8621928-9414
17John BARRY8622638-12414
18Neil WREN8622631-5212
19Jamie SWAYLAND6522025-5412
20Dave ROGERS24324195611
21Mark SWAYLAND4421521-6410
22Robbie CLEAR4421825-7410
23Josh ATFIELD8511628-12110
24Ashley HOLMES4422415928
25Jamie FAY4422521428
26Michael HOPE4201114-304
27Sean HALLIGAN4201114-304
28Chris KINGHAM420714-704
29Robin JEFFERY21057-202
30Jamie THOMAS21027-502
31Frank CALLAGHAN21017-602
32Calvin CLANFORD21017-602