James Harness accident update

James has suffered some severe injuries the main problems being Broken Vertebra in his back and Pelvis Injuries.

Great news

I went to see James last night He is in much better health than the first Doctor diagnosed, he has got 2 Broken Vertebra on the left inner side of his spine which the Doctor cannot operate on and a Broken Pelvis which has gone back into its original position. Both injuries can heal themselves over a period of time and he now has much improved movement at his legs, feet and toes. James even got out of bed and with a frame managed to walk up to 8/10 steps. It is still going to be a painful and long healing process.

I will still keep you all updated with all his progress through the Berkshire website and hopefully all the good news.

James is in Hospital @ the address below if you have any cards or trinkets you wish to pass onto him either send them to the address or give them to me and I will give them to him a.s.a.p.

East Surrey Hospital.

Canada Avenue,
RH1 5RH,
T: 01737 768511. Ext 6422
1st Ward Newdigate

Now moved to 2nd Ward Tandridge Direct Number 01737 231679

Standard visiting hours are 3 to 5pm and 7 to 8pm

James said “you cant keep Britain’s hardest down for long” and I replied “he would do anything to get out of county pool” ha ha.

James thanks all his fellow pool players, friends and contacts for sending their regards and get well messages and hopes to see you all soon.

A happier friend